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My wish is to make people aware of the beauty of nature and what nature offers us. Here to develop a compassion to appreciate them. We get what we sent.

People and life are constantly changing.  The change in the environment will succeed when we start with ourselves. If we, each and every one of us - change our mindset, our actions in a small way, then the environment subsequently changes.

Find below current projects.

A wave coming towards us to become aware of sustainability. To preserve the beauty of nature its time to inspire and sensitize people to start to act.  Art is a form of communication to support sustainability. 



exhibited paintings

Art is communication and it is a form of communication to support sustainability. Each artwork is speaking to us and is showing the beauties of the world to us or there is freedom for our interpretation. In nature everything is available: patterns, color compositions and shapes. We can look closely, perceive this and learn to love nature and life. 

Stunde_5 (2).jpg


painting with young people

The change starts with us, with each individual. The  sustainability begins at home and at a young age. 

In the project with young people (15 - 18 years old), representational motifs be painted with gouache colours on paper.



Seminar: With creativity to self-confidence

Learn to create intuitive your individual paintings. Paint with gouache colours on paper. Learn to understand how much our thoughts in their quality shape our life. The experiences you gain during the painting process will teach you lightness, positivity and trust.

Life is not for people, life is with people

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