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With creativity to self-confidence

Everyone can paint! With intuitive painting you learn to follow your inner impulses and to express them in a creative way. We paint with gouache colours on paper, using brushes, spatulas, quill, sand and much more. You do not need any previous knowledge. We learn to understand how our thoughts shape our lives. In the creative-artistic process we gain valuable experience that leads to more lightness and positivity. In a natural way our self-confidence and creative self-expression grows.  If you have joy and are curious to express your creative side, then contact me now! 


Who is the seminar for?

You are curious and would like to try your hand at painting. You want to get involved in intuitive painting and to learn how to express your creativity. You want to learn new ways to paint more freely, because you are stuck or the same results frustrate you.

The course is for you if you

  • You do not dare to start painting and give yourself over to the painting process. Maybe you paint a picture and the inner censor speaks to you in a pejorative way (That's not good enough)

  •  Can't imagine that you love your own artwork and that it decorates your living room

  • You are bored with your current results, you would like to get a fresh breeze in your art and you need new inspirations

  • You cannot imagine getting different results in your artwork

  • You critically judging your artwork or reject it

  • You would like to change something but you avoid trying new ways and don't dare to take the next step

  • want to learn to gain confidence in yourself, your abilities and your creativity

In the course you will learn

  • Intuitive painting and creating your own individual paintings

  • How to finally create a solid base to give yourself completely to creativity and let it flow (especially to allow yourself to "make mistakes")

  • How to set creative goals and achieve them

  • How you get creative results in your life from day 1

  • How you feel great about unleashing your full creative potential

  • All my creativity secrets, techniques and methods, which I use from day 1 until today and which will ensure that you develop a confidence in your creativity. You can transfer this experience to other areas of life. 

  • You would like to change something but you avoid trying new ways and don't dare to take the next step

  • want to learn to gain confidence in yourself, your abilities and your creativity


Are you ready to paint your creative dreams now? 




I became very quiet. It was incredibly bright and clear in my head. It's a great social experience. I'll do this with my partner sometime. Very friendly and sensitive seminar leader. To run through the story with the clear concept. Also transferable to other areas of life.

Künstlerin bei der Arbeit


Mein Gesamteindruck war, dass es professionell und gut durchdacht ist, gute Leitung, sehr sympathisch. Mir hat es sehr gut gefallen, sehr inspirierend, entspannend und kurzweilig. Ich hätte noch ewig weiter machen können. Sogar die Pinsel sauber machen. :-) Wirklich ganz toll! Gerne wieder.  


Die Freiheit, der Flow, ins Tun zu kommen, ohne die Beschränkungen der eigenen Gedanken wahrzunehmen. Die begleitende Musik war mega unterstützend. Adinas Tipps in der Umsetzung waren Gold wert. Einfach mal spüren und ganz nach Gefühl, intuitiv malen. Das ist mega entspannend und es kommt so viel Schönes, Unerwartetes dabei raus..

When and where?

  • For courses in Biberach/Riss write me a message. I let you know about current dates. 

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